St Barts Golf Vacations

Many vacationers travel to the Caribbean to enjoy a world-class golfing experience on one of the many islands’ prestigious courses. For example, islands such as Nevis and St. Kitts boast some of the world’s greatest championship courses. However, some islands, including St. Bart, technically have no golf course on the entire island. This has left many golfers vacationing in St. Bart disappointed, or caused others to vacation in a different island which does feature a golf course.

The island of St. Bart draws visitors from around the world every year with its gourmet restaurants, gorgeous beaches, laidback atmosphere, and charming culture. St. Bart boasts some of the Caribbean’s most picturesque beaches and stunning azure waters. It also offers visitors a wide range of recreational activities, from sailing or boating, to deep-sea fishing or parasailing, to scuba diving or snorkeling. No matter what your interests or lifestyle may be, you can be sure to find a recreational activity that ideally suits your tastes. With so many prime features that vacationers from around the world have come to love about St. Bart, the only factor lacking in the island is its lack of a golf course. There is, however, a driving range on the island, and many visitors also travel to nearby islands such as Anguilla that do offer golfing opportunities.

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